The right interior designer will create a functional space that reflects your tastes and sensibilities, instead of something that merely fits their own preferences. That’s why each MAY Designs project starts with a complimentary consultation and a lot of questions — so I can learn about your style, your needs and the scope of work.

If you decide to move forward after our consultation, your project will follow these steps in my Soulful Design process:

1. Schematic drawings

It’s one thing to talk about your space, but seeing is believing. My computer-assisted design concept goes beyond the sketches some other designers provide, allowing you to truly get a feel for your project and its potential.

2. Material and finish options

The perfect space requires more than just a great layout — it requires getting every single detail right. From building materials to flooring to the color on the walls, we’ll work together to make choices that fit your style and your budget. And we’ll select furniture, fixtures and equipment to match.

3. Design development

It’s important to take some time to review and reflect before starting the physical transformation of your space. Do you feel good about your choices? Want to make changes to colors, materials, furniture or more? Now’s the time. I’ll create more detailed, finalized drawings and ensure you’re exactly where you want to be before moving ahead.

4. Bidding

Whether you have a contractor in mind already or want to consider one of my trusted resources, having schematics and technical drawings in hand makes it easy to get accurate bids. And my construction experience means you’ll have an expert on your side throughout the bidding process.

5. Construction

When construction begins, my job doesn’t end. I remain actively involved with managing your project until you are satisfied. And after the remodeling work, I’ll help put the finishing touches on your new space — completing the transformation from vision to reality.

Ready to get started? Contact me to discuss your project today!